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The Best Body Wash for Dry Skin – Reviews in 2022

Your dry sensitive skin will thank you

Having dry skin stays with you all day. If you use the wrong body soap, you feel it all day. Your skin feels sensitive and itchy. Your clothes rub and pull at your skin and you feel it every time you move. Having dry skin can feel like torture. The body wash you choose has very real consequences to dry skin so it’s vital you seek out the best moisturizing body wash for dry skin.

Best moisturizing body wash for dry skin

Best natural body wash for dry skin

Best body wash for extremely dry skin

Best body wash for dry sensitive skin

Cheaper body washes use chemicals and toxins to pad and preserve their products. Sure, it says this body wash will last forever, but is that because it’s formulated with a nuclear isotope?! Obviously (hopefully!), that’s not true, but some of the stuff they do put into your soap is proven to be toxic to human beings.

The Best Body Wash for Dry Skin

Then you go scrubbing this into your sensitive dry skin… your poor skin desperate for moisture is going to soak up anything you put on it. This includes all the garbage they mix in so it doesn’t separate or break down from sitting on the shelf too long. And some of those companies that make body products by the MILLIONS, you can’t tell me that they are buying the best ingredients. They are buying the cheapest ingredients that can be provided in BULK with the best supply chain. This rarely means they are going for the best ingredients.

So let’s make a promise to your dry skin at this very moment to only put excellent body washes, soaps, scrubs, and lotions that has as many natural ingredients in them as possible. Ever hear of someone (without a food allergy) complaining of his skin breaking out from having too many natural products touching it? Didn’t think so.

So what is the best body soap for dry skin?

Literally dozens of ingredients can be packed into a body wash for many different reasons. You might think that the ingredient list really doesn’t mean much, but there are things that are brilliant for dry skin and then there are ingredients that can be devastating.

Some things you definitely should look for in body washes for dry, itchy skin:

  • Essential Oils. These oils replace the need for synthetic fragrances and many of them are good for your skin too. Some essential oils also offer tremendous healing benefits to our bodies.
  • Natural Oils. Oils like coconut oil, olive oil, or even hemp oil are all fabulous for your skin. They are naturally anti-microbial, moisturizing, and they provide tons of antioxidants and vitamins to your skin.
  • Beeswax. Not too many body washes have much beeswax in them, but it’s fabulous for your skin! It leaves your skin moistened and nourished.

Some things that you should avoid in your body washes:

  • Triclosan. This is an antibacterial and antimicrobial agent added to soaps. I’m not entirely sure why it’s in there, but studies have shown that it is shown to cause skin irritation.
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). This is a very common chemical agent that is designed to make soap more foamy. Yahoo! You get all these nice big bubbles, but SLS is really harsh! It can irritate the skin and if your skin is already dry, you will notice it drying out even more. If you have extremely sensitive skin, you can also add sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) to the list of skin drying agents.
  • Lye. Lye is one of those “old school ingredients” they always used to make soaps. Lye is a concentrate of sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide sometimes combined with animal fats to make bar soap. Sure this was fine for your grampa to use on his thick, railroad-working skin (weren’t all people railroad workers back then?), but once you get it on your already dry skin, it can cause itching, irritation, and even skin burns.
  • Polypropylene. This is one of those things that large manufacturers of store brand skin care love to dump into their products. Who cares what it’s in there for, it’s a possible carcinogen and really has no place next to your skin.
  • FD&C dyes/Synthetic Dyes. First of all, if your body has an unnatural color, don’t use it!!! Synthetic dyes are dumped in to make our soaps cheerful and super colorful because, I don’t know, we are a bunch of children that need to get our happiness from brightly colored soap? You are an adult. You are a civilized adult. Do you really need My Little Pony colored soap? These dyes are made from petrochemicals that have been shown to cause allergies, skin irritation, even hives. If you’re really sensitive to fake dyes, it might even cause respiratory problems.
  • Antibacterial agents. Did you know that many antibacterial agents can kill 99.9% of germs?! Really? Regular soap and hot water can get around 80% of common germs. It’s that .1 percent of germs that this thing doesn’t kill that is the germ you should be most worried about. Seriously. Why would you want that on your skin anyway when it’s either basically bleach or toxic chemicals? Leave the antibacterial soaps at the stores where they can’t hurt anyone.

The Best Body Wash for Dry Skin

So here we come to what you’re really looking for. You’ve got sensitive dry skin that’s desperate for moisture and you want to feed it. But… you are civilized and you want to feed it in the best way possible to, quite possibly, cure your extremely dry skin. Look no further, my friends! Here are a few of our absolute favorite body soaps for dry skin.

Now if you’ve been buying stuff at your grocery store and haven’t gotten any relief from those cheap soaps, you might notice the price tag on some of these soaps. Let’s look at it this way: a lifetime of those gross four to seven dollar soaps have left you desperately looking for the best body wash for dry sensitive skin. Is it possible that these body washes are so expensive because there has actually been some RESEARCH into creating a product that actually works?!! You’re not just paying for a tube full of goo, you are paying for the very real science to formulate a soap that not only relieves your dry skin, but does a whole lot to actually curing it.

Your body wash is not a place where you can go cheap. It’s something you use every day, all over your body and if you have dry skin, this is the first place to look for a culprit. Get something that feeds your skin and not just strips it of its healthy natural oils!

Best moisturizing body wash for dry skin

One of the few bar soaps we recommend because it’s just so dang moisturizing! This gentle exfoliator cleans all your body parts and leaves it feeling soft—and young! How many soaps can say that one? It also does wonders on rosacea, acne, eczema and any other rashes that might pop up on your skin. Users boast about how this one little bar of soap changed their lives after years of searching for something that actually puts moisture back in their skin.

Best natural body wash for dry skin

You won’t be able to say anything bad about this natural and organic product. All you need to see are the gushing reviews to know this might just be the answer to dry and itchy skin. Plus it’s made from soapberries (Sapindus Mukorossi) which is a naturally foaming product so they don’t have to add a bunch of chemicals to get the suds going. And the ingredient list sounds like a delicious smoothie that your skin will just soak up. This product might just be our absolute favorite!

Best body wash for extremely dry skin

What skin is more dry than Eczema? If nothing else works on your dry skin, you might look into the body washes formulated for serious skin conditions. And this soap by CLn free of steroids, antibiotics, parabens, triclosan, and fragrances. It’s also hypoallergenic, non-drying, and non-irritating that will make your skin purr.

Best body wash for dry sensitive skin

So what happens if your skin is sensitive but still could use a little exfoliation without making matters worse? This fabulous smelling body wash will curl your toes in glee! You will feel the difference after only a couple washes with this body soap and your sensitive skin will calm down and basically feel like… nothing! No more sitting in your clothes all day squirming from the burn and itch that seems to never go away. This is exactly what you are looking for.

Thoughts on Body Wash for Dry Skin

As I said before, if whatever soap your using now hasn’t actively relieved your dry skin symptoms, THROW IT OUT! It might be news to some of you, but the body wash you use could actually give you serious relief from the symptoms of dry skin. That’s right! You don’t need 50 different dermatologists to give you pills or skin care regimens when you choose a body wash and lotion for dry skin that will make all of your symptoms vanish.

This actually happens when real researchers spend a bunch of time experimenting with ingredient mixtures until they find a perfect solution that actually heals your dry itchy skin. For some of these other body wash manufacturers, I picture them saying “We should make a product for all the people with dry skin. Mix some low quality aloe in with our normal body wash and label it as a dry skin cure!” The problem is that that their normal skin body wash is packed full of chemicals and toxins that are destroying your skin and making it dry out more every time you step into the shower.

The best suggestion? Look at the label of what you are already using and if you see a ton of words that you can’t pronounce and don’t know what it’s in there for, THROW IT OUT! Get yourself something someone put a lot of effort into that actually does what it says. The best body wash for dry skin is the one specifically formulated for your precious body.

The Best Face Wash for Men – Reviews for 2022

The best way a civilized man keeps clean

Doesn’t it seem like the women get all the best facial products while us guys are stuck with that industrial powdered soap to keep ourselves clean? Men were simply expected to wash their face with the same bar of soap they washed their own feet with!

Fortunately for all of us, men’s skin care has really started taking itself seriously in the last 20 years. Scientists and developers have figured out that men’s skin is very different from women’s. For one, men have much bigger pores that get prone to clogging and acne. Add the difficulties of shaving daily and you understand that in order to keep your face clean, you can’t just grab any face wash off the shelf formulated for women and expect the same results on your own face.

Sure, lots of skin care manufacturers say their products are “for men too” or that they’re “unisex,” but how true is that really? Scientists have also confirmed men’s skin has much less nerves than women’s skin. Is a girlfriend’s facial scrub going to have the same effect on your face as hers?

The best men’s face wash for men

Best Face Wash for Men

So, my manly friend, it’s up to you to seek out and get yourself a face wash formulated specifically for you! No longer do you have to “make do” with skin care made for everyone else [meaning for skin care’s biggest consumer: women]. It’s time to rise up and get something that really nourishes your face and prevents acne and doesn’t exacerbate razor burn.

In a recent interview of board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Brian Zelickson, he lays out the very real differences.

"Men's skin is about 25% thicker with more collagen, more and larger hair follicles and more sebum production, all of which is mostly due to increased testosterone production. These structural differences make men's skin less sensitive and able to handle stronger ingredients. However, it also makes them a bit more acne-prone, so they don't need as heavy cream-based products"

Add to that the fact that men get skin cancer at way higher rates than women and you see that just buying any old face wash is asking for trouble.

You need something formulated for your manly face.

What you should look for in the best men’s face wash

Man faces have much thicker skin than woman faces. Add all those hair follicles to grow your beard and you’re just asking for ingrown hairs, acne, and razor burn if you wash your face with just any old facial scrub. Your face wash absolutely needs to moisturize your face to promote easy and smooth shaving. The problem with many of the products for women is that they are optimized for a different pH that will dry out a face causing skin irritation and closing up your pores which promotes acne especially if you already have oily skin.

It’s also helpful if your facial scrub exfoliates also. Whether you shave or not, any hair on your face is like a lightning rod to trap oils and those oils trap dirt. The best way to get rid of that is to exfoliate. Not only does it help to scrub out your dirt and oil, it also massages the follicle to prevent the hair getting caught in the follicle creating ingrown hairs.

For the sake of your handsome face, you should exfoliate your skin at least once a week, but if you get a mild enough exfoliating face wash, you can use it every day and make it part of your clean up ritual.

The best face wash for guys

There are tons of options when it comes to matching up your skin type with the perfect face wash (although not as many choices as women get to choose from). When it comes right down to it, pretty much all the low end soaps and washes are interchangeable; they’re better than washing with nothing at all, but besides fragrance, they all pretty much do nothing good for your skin.

So you need the BEST face wash for men. As will all skin care products, this might take a little trial and error to uncover your ultimate favorite face wash. Here are some of our favorites:

Best Men’s Face Wash for Dry Skin

Now this face wash is pretty awesome for just about any type of skin. But if you have dry skin, it’s like locking in moisture! This really cool formulation uses activated charcoal to deeply clean into your pores. If you’re wondering what that means, consider this: if you’ve ever had a fish tank, the filter is made with activated charcoal.

The same ingredient that keeps the water sparkling clear in your fish tank, is now scrubbing all the gunk off your face removing dead skin cells and clearing your pores. This stuff is awesome especially if you are outdoors a lot gathering the grime and pollution of the city on your face.

Best men’s face wash for oily skin

This lovely little gem is one of the better exfoliating face washes. With Aveeno’s signature oatmeal scent, it soothes your face especially after shaving and it does wonders to gently calm any razor irritation.

Since the exfoliant is so gentle, you can use it every day to make your skin soft and it also does wonders to get rid of blackheads. If your skin is sensitive but you still want to get it scrubbed clean, this facial scrub will do wonders.

Just about anything Aramis Lab creates is phenomenal for your skin! This face wash is the best thing you can use to control the production of oil on your face. Your favorite part of using this product is that it won’t leave your skin feeling dry and tight and raw all day long after using it. It also helps knock down acne in its early stages which is, as far as I know, pretty amazing.

Before I started using this product, once that little red bump appeared, there was nothing stopping it from turning into a great big zit. Now when I have any little irritations on my face, I scrub my face with this face wash a few times and it clears up before things get way too out of hand.

Best men’s face wash for acne

“Non-greasy textured wash is designed to restore tone, balance and moisture to the skin.” Not sure what that means? All you need to know is that this white tea and ginseng formulated wonder will make your acne go away in no time at all! If you use this one daily, it will not only help get rid of your acne, it also helps smooth out fine lines making you look younger.

Some lovers of this product have also commented that it helps reduce your pores making your face look more even and rejuvenated. It’s totally worth splurging on this one and since just a little bit lathers up really nicely, you will be able to use this product for a very long time.

Best facial scrubs for men

I’m not sure what they’re doing over there, but they put pure magic into this face scrub! Touted as a “pre-shave cleanser,” you won’t believe what this will do to make your shaving experience other-worldly. Even if you are using the best men’s shaving cream you can find, adding this product to the ritual will make you wonder why you’ve spent your whole life with your face aching from razor burn.

The small scrubbing particles in this facial scrub strips your skin of dead skin cells and dirt clearing the way for your razor to glide smoothly across your skin with no drag or irritating burn. If you have skin problems like seborrheic dermatitis or eczema, adding this gentle face scrub into your daily routine will clear up your problems and make your face gorgeous!

Now since this product is pretty much all exfoliating material kinda like fine wet sand, I wouldn’t recommend using it every day (unless you have the face of a lumberjack). It also might take a few tries for more sensitive skin to get used to it. Definitely keep at it though. The results are totally worth the break-in period.

Thoughts on the best face wash for men

Keeping your face clean, clear and civilized doesn’t have to be a dreaded daily occurrence. Women spend YEARS of their lives trying to hold on to their youth and beauty for as long as they possibly can. You’re lucky! Your skin is thicker and you shave away your wrinkles just about every day.

That doesn’t mean you get to skate completely. You still need to take care of the only thing you have to make a first impression—your face! What this means for you is that you can’t simply go to the store, buy a 24-pack of crappy bars of soap and expect to stay looking young and handsome well into your 60’s. You have to do something NOW to slow the effects of aging and to take care of your precious skin.

You could actually BE in your 60’s and if you started a facial skin care regimen now, you could still take years off your skin. Think of it this way, we all pretty much want to date someone younger and hotter than ourselves. If you DON’T start taking care of your face now by using the best men’s face wash you can find, you’ll be way to old and gross looking to ever even think of scoring with young hotties… unless you become a billionaire.

And if you’re old enough to read this and you’re not already a millionaire, you’ve already lost your chance. So that brings us back to taking care of your skin. Stay handsome. Stay civilized. Go get yourself the best face wash for men.

Best Body Wash for Men – More Than Just Soap – 2022 Reviews

Gone are the days when you go down to the grocery store and buy a rack of this gross Dial “Gold” bars of soap and scrub yourself down like a coal miner. Men are starting to realize that what they use to clean their skin matters not only in maintaining healthy skin, but also in smelling like a civilized man.

Best men’s body wash for dry skin

Best smelling body wash for men

Best natural body wash for men

Best moisturizing body wash for men

Best all-in-one body wash for men

Best overall body wash for men

Your men’s body wash is more than just soap

Best Body Wash for Men

ANYTHING that touches your skin has to power to dry it out, make you break out in acne or make you smell like and entire room of fat-tie wearing, polyester-covered Legionnaires. If that reference is a little old for ya, let’s just say bad soap makes you smell like your 65 year old uncle Stu who still lives with your grandma.

It’s time to take your soap seriously, gents. Here at Civilized Skincare, we believe that nothing should get near your body unless it’s good for your skin, makes you smell irresistible to your lover(s), and is full good, natural ingredients.

The best body wash for men’s skin

So what are some of the ingredients that need to go into your body wash? Your body is no dummy! For years, it seems the skincare manufacturing industry has been trying to see how many chemicals they can wedge into your products making them cheaper to manufacture and allowing them to sit on the shelf for years and years. The problem is that your body has no idea what to do with all of these possible toxins so it just does what it normally does. It absorbs! Can you imagine how many crazy substances your body comes into contact every day? Don’t actively ADD to this chemical storm by using bad body wash.

Let’s talk about a few things your body wash should have in it and try to find out what’s best for you from there. Basically, the closer to the nature the ingredients in your skin care are, the more your skin will know what to do with these amazing ingredients in order to improve your skin’s health.

Here are a bunch of things that you want in your skin care products:
  • Coconut Oil. With all its antibacterial and anti-oxidation properties, coconut in anything is like a full-course meal for your skin. It also boosts your immune system and makes you smell like a sexy surfer. It’s also loaded with healthy fats, strengthens epidermal tissue, and is great at removing dead skin cells.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar. This is an amazing natural cleanser that kills bacteria, prevents acne and functions as an antifungal dynamo when it hits your skin.
  • Sea Salt. When sea salt is added to your body wash as an exfoliant, it helps your skin so much! Sea salt soothes skin, removes dead cells, helps with breakouts by balancing the natural oils in your skin and help the skin stay moist.
  • Avocado. This fatty wonderfruit is packed with vitamins your skin loves. Not only should you eat avocados daily, you get an extra boost when they show up in you men’s body wash.
  • Aloe Vera. You rub it on your skin for sunburns. If it can fix that, imagine what glorious goodness it give to healthy skin
  • Shea Butter. If you have dry skin, this stuff is the best!

Now these are only a handful of ingredients you’d like to see in your body products, but there are tons more that do wonders for cleaning and preparing your skin. Things like castor oil, jojoba oil, raw honey, lemon essential oil, tea tree oil, argan oil, almond oil, and lavender essential oil all make you skin smile. Any skin products with these ingredients are going to hook up your skin perfectly.

What about the things to avoid in the best body wash for men?
  • Inorganic compounds
  • Petroleum gels (clogs pores)
  • Parabens (preservative)
  • Toluene (thinner)
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (kidney damage)
  • Synthetic colors

Getting these chemicals on your skin, not only messes with your skin, it messes with your immune system, your respiratory system, and can really damage internal organs if you expose yourself to them enough.

So what’s the best men’s body wash?

Here are a few of our favorite body washes that pretty much all guys can get behind. We split them into categories so you can find exactly what you are looking for.

Best men’s body wash for dry skin

OK so the label says it’s for eczema, but make no mistake, this provides some serious dry skin relief no matter if you just dry out a little or you have a full-blown skin condition. This formulation features their patented Filaggrin and ceramide technology that simply spells out the most perfect dry skin relief you’ve ever felt. Not only that, they take out all the harsh chemicals, fragrances, and paraben that make you break out and dry out your skin even further. This stuff is safe for all types of skin, allergies and even little babies and is one of the most dermatologist recommended body washes you find out there.

Best smelling body wash for men

Oh my God, The SMELL! L’Occitane is mostly known for its women’s skincare products, but their CADE line of products are bound to make anyone who gets close enough to you to swoon like a teenager in love. If you want sexy people to always be angling to get closer to you, this is the best body wash for men who want to smell like an international spy/intrepid astronaut/sexy lumberjack. There is nothing better, fellas. I dare you to find a more desirable smell!

Best natural body wash for men

You’re gonna love Lush’s products. They load up their products with natural ingredients and everything they make is worth a try. We love this one because it’s like waking up to a tingle party! The spearmint in this body wash leaves you skin feeling cool and invigorated. These ingredients are totally VEGAN so you know all the fluffy bunnies were left alone in the making of this product. The great thing about Lush’s body wash is that they use very little water to make them so you don’t need to use a huge handful to get the kind of lather you want out of your shower gels.

Best moisturizing body wash for men

This all organic formula does just about everything you can imagine. Not only is it effective in clearing up seborrhea, eczema, psoriasis, acne, and rosacea, if you have normal skin, it moistens it ‘til it’s plump and supple! Aloe Vera is the main ingredient that goes into this cleanser and you will feel it every time you hop out of the shower! It’s also made with medical grade Manuka honey that’s a powerful anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral, clarifying your skin. This will be the last moisturizing body wash you will ever use in your life. Nothing else will even come close..

Best all-in-one body wash for men

As they say on the label, you can use this on your body and your face, you can wash your hair, you can even shave with it. It works fantastically for all of them. I think it’s best as a body wash, but it’s a perfect wash to bring to the gym or for traveling.

Best overall body wash for men

Some might freak out at the $90 price tag, but once you’ve taken a shower with this body wash, you will be impressed with how actually happy you feel! That is no joke! The smell is gorgeous and whatever they put in this stuff will actually make you walk up to a complete stranger and ask them to feel how smooth your skin is. This is crazy good.

Thoughts on the best body wash for men’s skin

We are all different creatures with different skincare needs. Some of us have skin allergies. Some of us have skin conditions. Some of us have acne or rashes or any number of things we would like to fix about our skin. Great body wash is about looking good (and smelling good) in our own skins. You’re only born with the skin you’re in so you seriously have to take care of it.

No longer can you use mass produced skin care products that make you dry or oily or make you smell like everyone else on the bus. You have an amazing chance to stand out in the crowd by taking expert care of your skin and wearing a scent that might actually make you seem more intelligent and more mysterious that you might truly be.

Don’t skimp when it comes to your body cleanser and you will never have a reason to feel self-conscious whenever you spend some time with completely naked sexy lover wearing nothing but desire on their face. Oooooh baby! The best body wash for men will make you eager to be right there…