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This is your portal to worshiping the skin you're in! You are here because you care about your skin and want to look young for the rest of your life. And we are a bunch of skincare professionals and product enthusiasts who take our skin seriously

No matter what issues you are facing with your skin, or if you just want healthier and younger skin in general, you can find what you need to know here. We take the civilized approach to skin care. No harsh chemicals, no lousy products, and we try to recommend whole, organic and sustainable skin care products as much as we can find them.

Prepare to learn how to stay looking amazing not only for yourself and your professional career, but also to help you attract and keep that sexy little someone with your flawless good looks. Seriously, your skin is your billboard. Is it advertising a love story or a scary movie? Take care of your skin from now on and it will never let you down!

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Whether you are man or woman, you will without a doubt have to shave (a lot) in your lifetime. Any time you use a shaving device whether it's a manual razor or an electric shaver, it can have a drastic effect on your skin. We are here to ensure that you are going about it correctly to bring the maximum benefit to your skin type and minimize any damage.

The products you use before and after shaving can help to do wonders for your fragile skin, but it can also do more harm than good if the wrong preservatives, chemicals, and stabilizers are added to the formulation. Having current and knowledgeable skin care advice ​is important in helping you decide which products to use and which products to stay away from.

FOR MEN: choosing the right pre-shave products, shaving cream and razor type​ for your skin is very important.  If you want to have the closest and cleanest shave possible, you should consider some of the best shaving creams and razors on the market.  You can learn more here.

FOR WOMEN: shaving is an all-body affair. Women's skin is thinner and more prone to razor burn, nicks, cuts and bleeding. We guide you to safer and easier alternatives.

Soaps & Body Washes

Your body comes into contact with soap just about every single day. Soaps and body washes have the ability to gently remove oil and dirt from the day's activities, but it can also dry out your skin and introduce unnecessary toxins into your pores. It's hard to imagine that something you use every day could be causing all of your skin problems. We're here to set things straight!

Part of a civilized skin care routine is to cut out any damaging and drying soaps and washes and replace them with nourishing products that will leave your skin glowing and ready to take on the world.

FOR MEN: sorry guys, you don't have even half the selection that women get, but there are amazing products out there formulated just for you. It's time to put down the bar soap your grandfather used to use and discover the future of keeping yourself clean without hurting your manly skin.

FOR WOMEN: too many choices and not all of them are good! Uncover the truth about the soaps you've been using and find something new that you will love forever.

Skin Health and Moisture

​Your skin is made up of about 64% water. Or at least it should be! Harsh chemicals and preservatives in "skin care products" rob your skin of precious water. We help you find the products that actually do what they claim on their labels and warn against products that actually create skin conditions. Your skin health is in your hands! If you are good to your skin and feed it well with essential oils and beneficial skin creams and lotions, there is no reason why you can't keep your good looks for a very long time.

FOR MEN: don't kid yourself, man! Your skin needs to be moisturized as much as a woman's. Got dry skin or any of the typical skin problems? There is relief for you! All you have to do is read on...

FOR WOMEN: don't believe everything you read on the fronts of your skin care products! There really are no laws governing the truthfulness of lofty claims of "miracle skin rejuvenation." We'll show you how to turn your products over and read the ingredients list to find the real skin care miracles.

Common Skin Conditions

We all have part of our skin that we wish could be better or skin conditions we are struggling to keep under control. There is hope! For whatever you are dealing with right now, there is a product on the market that can give you some relief. And there are dedicated scientists and aestheticians working as we speak to make even better products to save your sad skin.

You may feel as if you've done everything you can to help your skin condition and you are at your wit's end. We test and try tons of washes, creams, lotions, and topical medicines to find the perfect solution to your problem. We provide you skin care product reviews that actually guide you to something that works. Get ready to find one of those products you will use for life because it will finally give you relief.

FOR MEN AND WOMEN: most skin conditions affect men and women equally​. If we find formulations specifically tailored to either sex, we get so excited! We will let you know!

Your Skin & Cosmetics

Check out our new section on amazing cosmetics for both men and women. Some things about your skin you just have to acknowledge will be with you. But that doesn't mean you have to show it off to the world! You can conceal any perfections with a little bit of makeup.

But not all cosmetics are created equal. Some of them can make your skin problems worse due to their careless formulations. We here at Civilized Skin Care with seek out the best cosmetics and other options that are healthy and healing for your skin. You're gonna love what we come up with!

FOR MEN: yessir! Men wear cosmetics too! And why not? The girls shouldn't get to have all the fun here.

FOR WOMEN: obviously, you have your favorites in makeup and cosmetics but we just ask you to keep an open mind and consider something way more effective in creating your look that also feeds your skin and prevents breakouts.